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  H U S B A N D  •  F A T H E R  • C Y C L I S T  • D E S I G N E R  •  S U R V I V O R  

After 31 years, I retired from teaching due to a long term illness.  During my journey back to good health,  I  had time to reflect on the things that were important to me; friends, family and a purpose in life.  Purpose is our why, it drives our actions, fuels our passions, realtionships and our approach to living our lives.


Whilst visiting Lake Como Italy, and surrounded by  stunning landscapes, architecture and art, I   had time to consider my journey through life.  What gets me excited?  What gets me up in the morning?  What would I like more in my Life?  What do I want less in my Life?    Knowing I needed to step back from my old life and live another way I was inspired to create  JoeShmo Handcrafted Leather Jewellery.

I'm married to my best friend Susie;  together we have two beautiful daughters Gabby,  25 and Mika 23.   We live on a Dutch Cruiser in Gloucestershire with our crazy dog Dudley, where we have embraced a more simplistic way of life, more in tune with where we want to be.   Together we are  Joeshmo.   This is our passion!


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