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We recommend that all sizing be carried out in metric. You may choose to use a tailor's tape measure if one is available, failing that, use a piece of string/cord that is unlikely to stretch and take your measurement from that.


Ensure when taking your wrist measurement you take a snug fit. Take the wrist circumference using a flexible measuring tape and measure just above the Wrist bone. With this information I can create a custom, one of a kind bracelet, perfectly tailored for your wrist size. (Bracelets are made to the nearest 1cm)


When ordering necklaces please state desired length in centimetres.


For calculation purposes if you are unsure what your ring size is (or the ring size of the person you are buying for), please use either of the methods below to calculate. It is simple to get the measurement right, as you can see:

Method a). Wrap a piece of string or a strip of paper around your finger (around the knuckle area is preferred). Mark the point where the two ends meet and measure the string or paper against a ruler to get the circumference of your finger. If you are using a conversion ring size chart you can divide the circumference by 3.14 which will provide you with the diameter of your ring/finger.

Method b). Measure the inside diameter of a ring that you already own. Use a ruler or a pair of callipers. Compare the diameter of your ring against the table provided below.

Now you have your UK ring size.


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