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Symbols were first used about 100,000 years ago by ancient humans. We’ve chosen 12 distinct marks that both have profound meaning and stand as interesting pieces of art.

Our World Symbol bracelet comes with a choice of twelve stainless steel centre pieces shaped in an oval, which itself symbolises wholeness, unity, completion and integrity. Each has a symbol etched into its surface.

The bracelet includes two 3mm braided leather bands, matching connecting stainless steel collars and a secure stainless steel Joeshmo clasp. The clasps are available in three finishes, vintage, brass and silver.

There is a wide selection of colours and combination of colours to chose from.

World Symbols

  • Please note that if your size isn't included on the above sizes list, let us know. You can use the "Add note to seller" to email your 'snug' wrist size at the checkout.

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